As the winter season continues, it feels like there is no end to this dreary weather. People often dress according to the gloomy weather, and gray, black and other neutrals reflect what the students are feeling inside. When I saw the exciting pop of color, I was automatically drawn to this Fashionista. The pink piece she had on her head was enough to make her stand apart from the crowd. It was a bright vivid piece and made her look warm and sweet amongst the rest of the school population. When winter blues never seem to go away, a pop of color can make all the difference.

Name: Erin Flynn

Major: Elementary Education

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your winter fashion?

Erin Flynn: I like adding a splash of color to my outfits during the winter. It makes things seem less dreary and can liven up an outfit.

CF: How do you usually incorporate color into your everyday style?

EF: I usually wear a lot of neutrals but try to incorporate one colorful thing to tie everything together. Adding a colorful necklace or headband can make an outfit pop!

CF: Where did you get your headpiece?

EF: One of my friends and I were bored over winter break so we decided to go to a craft fair on campus. I bought my ear warmer from a local vendor at the fair. It's made out of recycled sweaters!

CF: Do you usually shop at craft fairs?

EF:  I don't usually go to craft fairs, but I'm glad I tried this one out! I may become a regular.

How To: This Fashionista has the right idea about adding color to everyday wear. The smallest accessory in a bright color can make all the difference and make your outfit stand out. Items that can easily be incorporated into outfits are scarves and ear warmers or headpieces. Not everyone will be as lucky as this Fashionista was with her handmade ear warmers, but you can find similar ones at Urban Outfitters and some resale shops. Banana Republic has some amazing fun scarves that are on sale now. Mixing your statement piece with basic neutral colors will complete your look. All you need is a small item in a bright color and that makes a statement. With all the snow and gray skies it’s refreshing to see color to reminds us that spring is around the corner.

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