“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” the saying goes. Such was the case for this week’s Fashionista, who demonstrated the ways in which her Italian study abroad environment molded her style choices. Ironically enough, I spotted this Euro-chic babe outside Porta Bella, a cozy Italian inspired restaurant off of State Street. In a floral blouse with a bowtie that would make Kourtney Kardashian jealous, chocolate equestrian-style boots and a unique tri-tone leather tote, she epitomized an ideal autumn look with a sprinkling of European flair.

Name: Frances Madden

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionsita: Tell me about your outfit. Where is everything from?

Frances Madden: My blouse is from Zara in Rome, my jeans are 7 For All Mankind and I got my boots from DSW. The bag is from the Florence leather market. 

CF: How did living in Rome for a semester influence your style?

FM: It definitely expanded my horizons on how cultural differences can be expressed through fashion.

CF: How is European fashion different from style in the States?

FM: I think that Europe has more of a laid back outlook on style and the people are more likely to experiment. They aren't afraid to try new trends or convey their personality with clothing.

CF: What is a fall or winter trend you’re excited to try?

FM: I want to style textured tights with shorts. I saw girls doing that all over Europe. Short ankle boots with corduroy skinny jeans are also on my radar.

How To: Listen up, ladies — here are the duplication details. Start by finding a blouse with a neck tie. You can wear it as a flirty bow, like this Fashionista, or knot it tightly around your neck for a more sophisticated vibe. Next, add some of dark-wash denim on the bottom. If you don’t have any, get them now! A girl needs the perfect pair of blue jeans like Timon needs Pumbaa. Moving on to the footwear, search for brown leather boots that hit near the knee. Don’t be afraid to splurge, either; the right boot is worth every penny. The last ingredient to this fashionable concoction is to add a European-inspired accessory, such the bag this Fashionista is sporting. In honor of the recently concluded London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, get your European style on.

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