“Free” is how this week’s Fashionista Gabrielle Kono describes her NYC style, and when we spotted Ms.Kono in her billowing maxi dress on the corner of 10th and University, “free” is exactly the word that came to mind.

Gabrielle shared that she tries to always keep her style “casual and relaxing” to balance out the hectic nature of NYC, and this uninhibited mentality is clearly reflected in her outfit. From her eclectic array of bracelets that she stacks on her wrists to the arrow head prints down the center of her dress, her look appears liberated and even tribalesque. Gabrielle’s outfit allows her to seem completely calm, even when surrounded by hundreds of people and taxis whizzing by.

Follow Gabrielle’s lead and don’t let the city overwhelm you in these hot summer months. Instead of opting for those Daisy Duke shorts you’ve nearly worn holes into, try a more comfortable light cotton dress or a loose fitting romper. Stick to unrestrictive, light-weight clothing items, and you’ll most certainly be able to “Keep Calm and Carry On” straight through any heat wave.

Name: Gabrielle Kono

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided

College Fashionista: Who inspires your style?

Gabrielle Kono: I would say that Jennifer Aniston would be a person that I consider stylish. In so many magazines, her style is so chic and easy. She never looks like she is trying too hard to look good. Her outfits make her look sexy yet classy. I like that a lot and I think the way she dresses is similar to the way I'd love to dress. I also like to check out a bunch of the street style blogs and websites like,, and

CF: What are you excited about wearing this summer?

Gabrielle Kono: Well, all my friends call me the "queen romper." I love rompers. I think they are the perfect outfit that can go day-to-night. A romper with flats can be perfect for work or just walking around the city. A romper with heels works for going out at night. I can also always be seen in a Maxi dress.

CF: What are your favorite places to shop in NYC?

Gabrielle Kono: I love Intermix and Singer22. Obviously Saks and Bloomingdales are amazing but for smaller stores, I'd say those two are my favorite. Oh and I also love LF.

How To: To achieve Gabrielle’s carefree look, check out this adorable and free-flowing Maxi dresses from Nordstrom or this light weight romper from Forever 21. Also check out the adorable cuff and bangle collection from Forever 21.



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