Style is indeed priceless, but fashion always comes with a price tag. Most Fashionistas dream of dripping in anything ending in an “-ucci” all the time. Of course, very few college-aged Fashionistas can afford dressing as if they’ve just waltzed out of Bergdorf Goodman. However, a bit of Shopbop sale stalking and cutting back on Starbucks can go a long way to scoring a Rebecca Minkoff clutch or Michael Kors booties. The smartest way to update and expand your wardrobe every season is to shop both high and low end. This Fashionista picks up basics and hyper-trendy pieces at affordable stores, but opts for designer accessories and shoes for their longevity and quality. For sure her closet is one that any CollegeFashionista would die to raid! 

Name: Gabrielle Corrado

Major: Classics

Year: Senior 

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style? 

Gabrielle Corrado: I would say that my style is classic with a bohemian twist. I’m really inspired by the glamour of the ‘70s. I definitely pay attention to trends, but I try not to adhere too closely to them. 

CF: What are some of your go-to stores and designers? 

GC: As long as I’m shopping, I’m happy! For everyday pieces, I love Zara, Forever 21, and H&M. I always like to check out what Intermix is stocking and I really like Scoop as well. For high-end accessories, I love almost everything that YSL, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin produce. 

CF: What are one or two timeless pieces in your closet? 

GC: One of the most timeless things I own is a Hermès bag that’s a hand-me-down from my grandma. It looks good dressed up or down, and I know that I’ll wear it until I’m a shriveled old lady! The other most timeless thing in my closet is a faux-leather jacket I bought years ago at Forever 21. I love the way it fits and no matter how many other jackets I buy, I can’t part with that one. 

CF: What are your favorite and least favorite trends of fall/winter 2011? 

GC: One my favorite fall/winter 2011 trends is brightly colored bottoms. I’m not sure that they’re my style, but I love the way they look on other people. I also really love all of the capes that I’ve been seeing. As for my least favorite trend this season, I’m really not into mid-length skirts and dresses. 

How To: To get this Fashionista’s chic look choose just one trendy piece and wear it with a pair of simple skinny jeans. Her trend of choice is the animal print blouse from Forever 21. Leather jackets make a comeback every fall. She is wearing her beloved faux-leather jacket from Forever 21. Try this one by Guess. When it comes to accessorizing she pulls off  “more is more” while balancing high and low end. Her to die for purple, patent leather bag is by Yves Saint Laurent, and her studded black flats are by Christian Louboutin. To get your hands on some purple patent leather by YSL check out this wallet at She keeps the eyewear classic with her ex-boyfriend’s Ray-Ban aviators. She started stacking her right wrist her junior year of high school with a thin evil eye bracelet from Turkey. Since then, her wrist has become a “work in progress.” Start your collection with these bracelets by ASOS mixed with D.I.Y. friendship bracelets and a timeless watch. To satisfy your name brand cravings on a budget, check out consignment shops like Second Time Around and peruse and family member’s attics!

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