I spotted this Fashionista on a blustery winter afternoon outside of Potomac House. Her mix of preppy and military chic pieces gave off a sophisticated vibe — one that caught my eye immediately!

Name: Genevieve Lipinsky

Major: Art History

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

Genevieve Lipinsky: I work in retail at a small third generation family-owned store that sells shoes, clothing, houseware, etc. and a lot of my time has been spent there throughout the last four years. Because of this experience, a big part of my style inspiration comes from the clothing lines that we carry and that I'm exposed to. At the store we try to carry lines that are high quality, made in the USA, environmentally conscious, sustainable or produced ethically (or all of the above). These factors have all impacted how I shop.

CF: What is your favorite college budget friendly store?

GL: Definitely H&M! They have super low prices for trendy stuff that lasts a decent amount of time, as well as party clothes that you won't care about ruining.

CF: What upcoming spring trends are you looking forward to?

GL: Sheer blouses and pleated skirts!

How To: The key to emulating this Fashionista's look is to pair classic and trendy separates. Start with a great pair of corduroys (a closet staple!). A darker color can take you from day to night in no time. When wearing fitted bottoms, you should opt for a looser top, so throw on your boyfriend’s (or male friend’s) buttondown. Layer with a neutral colored field jacket, and for the final touch, grab a pair of combat boots.


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