I have a love- no, an obsession- with gold jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, I could go on. Gold has just recently made a comeback and I couldn’t be happier! I spotted this Fashionista and couldn’t help but stop to admire her fabulous vintage necklace and perfectly oversized Michael Kors watch. To complement her gold jewels, this Fashionista chose a peach tank top and distressed jean shorts. I adore both the peach and gold together; it is the perfect combination. I’m all for going for the gold this season!

Name: Grace Pakenas

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undecided

CollegeFahshionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Grace Pakenas: It was warmer today so I just wanted to wear casual jean shorts and a tank top. To dress it up a bit I added a watch and necklace. My necklace is vintage and my watch is from Michael Kors. I instantly fell in love with the diamonds around the face of the watch!

CF: What are some of your must-have items for fall?

GP: A really great pair of boots is definitely a fall must-have item for me. Also, a cute trench coat is perfect for when it’s just a little cooler outside. It makes an outfit look put together and perfect for if it starts to rain.

CF: What is your main inspiration for fashion?

GP: I read a lot of magazines and some fashion blogs. I don’t go so much with trends that go out of style quickly, but more of what I like to wear.

How To: Marc Jacobs designs many options for those who want to go gold! Try a gold link bracelet or necklace, which is just enough to make a statement. Oversized watches are also very fashionable and useful for any CollegeFashionista. Taking on the gold trend doesn’t have to stop just at jewelry. Look for tops or sweaters with gold details or buttons. Tory Burch has comfy cardigans with gold buttons that are simply perfect for fall.

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