The initial thought of a maxi dress probably isn’t one of versatility. However, upon further reflection, a maxi can be one of your most versatile items. This Fashionista rocks her maxi in the most simplistic way – a way that is perfect for the heat wave that has hit New York. But a maxi can transform into so much more besides just a floor length dress. It can be paired with a cardigan for a chilly office or cold night, or even with a blazer for a more dressed-up look. Try throwing a pullover sweater or tee over your maxi and voilà: it’s a skirt! Magic or versatility? I like to think it’s somewhere in between. Want a more casual look? Try belting it. This creates a slouchy effect. Talk about effortlessly chic! A maxi can be rocked with wedges, espadrilles, flats or flip-flops. This Fashionista chose a flat sandal making it super easy to navigate the city.

Name: Gracie Deale

School: Trinity College

Year: Junior

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: What trends are you most looking forward to this summer?

Gracie Deale: Bright colors like turquoise jean shorts and floral blouses. I’m excited about my new blue and orange Tory Burch dress I just bought. Also, long dresses, definitely! That’s why I’m wearing one!

CF: How do you keep in the know of what’s going on in fashion?

GD: Working at Tory Burch helps me keep in the know… also, through magazines. I like to shop online. I get emails from Gilt.

CF: What’s your favorite item in your closet?

GD: Right now it’s this dress I’m wearing. I just bought it and I am in love with it. Besides that, I would have to say my Michael Stars cropped cardigan. It’s really awesome. It goes with everything; it’s a violet color.

How To: Maxi dresses come in tons of styles, prints, colors, and fabrics.  I recommend a solid color for starters, like this electric blue one from Topshop.  Create the illusion of a skirt by throwing this floral smock blouse over your dress.  Add some height with a colorful wedge or stick to a flat for coolness and comfort.


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