Fourth of July weekend always seems to bring out everyone’s inner prepster style. It’s a weekend filled with good old all-American fun, which never fails to spark timeless and classic fashion tailing off into the days following the eventful weekend. This Fashionista truly knows and appreciates the meaning of simplicity. Her look is timeless and perfectly pleasing to all who observe. Take a hint from this beauty as she explains her fashion ideas and inspirations.

Name: Haley Kosup-Kennedy

Year: Senior

Major: Theatre and Drama 

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite aspect of summer style?

Haley Kosup-Kennedy: I love shorts. Like a lot. You can’t just wear a mint green pair of pants. I mean you can, but not without making a huge statement. With shorts, you can rock whatever style, without being so dramatic. I also love white. It’s so appropriate in the summer; such a fresh and cute look.

CF: What are your staple pieces in your wardrobe?

HKK: I am all about standby jewelry. I am a person that sticks to my timeless jewelry especially sentimental pieces. Like these two gold necklaces, one was a gift from my grandmother in Ireland and the other was a 21st birthday gift from my mother. All of my jewelry means a lot to me.

CF: How has living in Madison influenced your style?

HKK: Madison is not a big city but people here care about style. People are interested in expression here. There is a hunger for a diversity of style.

CF: Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

HKK: I am a blog feen to the core. Garance Dore is one of my favorites. A lot of fashion blogs today are tacky. They’re all about people just throwing everything together to be funky. But Garance is more about how the person wears clothes rather than how funky you can make it. It’s all about the perfect person wearing the perfect piece.

How To: Want to exude classic style like this Fashionista while still keeping your look bright and fun? Well, do as this lady with a classic button-up in a fun pastel paired with fresh shorts to match. Add a brightly colored scarf and some espadrilles and you are set!



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