Some say that the right outfit makes a statement, but according to Hanah Salas de Saucedo, each piece tells a story. Hanah is the creator of Vintage Story a business combining style, history, and savvy finds.

CollegeFashionista: What is Vintage Story?

Hanah Salas de Saucedo: Vintage Story is a collection of handpicked pieces found in thrift shops and vintage specialty stores. Along with each garment is a background story to give it more personality and inspiration for styling advice.

CF: How did you come up with this idea?

HSS:  I grew up shopping vintage my whole life. When I was a 12 years old, my grandmother gave me a gift certificate to a local thrift shop for $50. Back then it sort of taught me early how to be resourceful with my own style. Now, I feel as though I have a keen eye when it comes to fashion. When I would shop with friends they would speed by racks in front of me not even really looking. I go through the same route and end up finding blouses and dresses that they were exactly looking for. I wanted to create a styling service that allowed people to be in a creative environment and feel comfortable around vintage clothing.

CF: What is the process between shopping and the customer?

HSS: There is actual digging involved finding those prized gems. I go from top to bottom pretty quickly. What actually takes the most time is quality control of a garment to make sure the zippers work and there aren’t any rips or snags. From there, they are properly stored  awaiting a story to be written, and to again be worn. Vintage Story is actually based in an extra room that I have at my home. When I have shopping parties or fit sessions I have personalized racks with specific sizes, colors, and pieces that I know they would like to pick from. I also have mini photo shoots to add on to the site. I think that some people just don’t like to shop in thrift stores. I sort of play the bridge between the customers and the clothes.

CF: Where are the best thrift shops?

HSS: I go all over from Burbank to Pasadena. I’m originally from San Diego and there’s a shop I go to that I always leave with at least two filled bags. Names shall reamain anonymous, I've got to keep some secrets.

CF: How do you come up with the stories for the clothing?

HSS: The stories stem from my travels and experiences. Places I’ve been, people I’ve met. It’s hard to explain… mostly it’s something I feel when I see the pieces. It's all fun because in a way we play a character in every outfit we wear.

CF: Why do you think vintage fashion is so relevant?

HSS: Vintage fashion has always been relevant. Fashion is never really new, it’s always recycling. Vintage is a way to feel more unique with pieces that no one else has, and also a little step to going green.

CF: How would you describe your own style?

HSS: I know it sounds cliché but my style is very eclectic. I like to balance new with the old so I remain somewhat modern and never too costume-like. It’s always changing but there is always vintage in the equation.

CF: Who are your style icons?

HSS: My icons are Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, Cher, Edie Sedgwick, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger and Steve Nicks. I think that the '70s and the '80s were the best time for fashion.

CF: What's in store for Vintage Story?

HSS: I want to continue shopping parties, continuously updating the website and extend Vintage Story into little boutiques. Have a section dedicated to certain pieces like sweaters or dresses. When they are bought I’d like the customer to be interactive and take a photo of themselves in the garment, so later, they can receive a story about what they own. You have to start somewhere. It's hard work, but remains exciting. All I wanted to do growing up was be a rapper and makes clothes. I think I’ve found my beat.


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