The best thing about Boston University is Boston. We have the city at our fingertips. The CITGO sign is our own personal monument and everyone knows it. Of course, we don't actually own it but BU students tend to use it as their north star, so to speak, to guide themselves home whenever they get lost. I found this Fashionista headed towards Kenmore Square, being ever so fabulous, and she's just wearing jeans and a T-shirt! Fabulousness doesn't require an intense get-up. All you have to do is be confident and the rest comes easy.

Name: Hannah Freedman

Major: Public Relations, Minor in Women's Gender and Sexuality

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you find fashion inspiration for your daily outfits?

Hannah Freedman: I'm a huge fan of Pinterest. There's just so much on there to draw inspiration from — not just fashion images, but also interior design shots, travel images and works of art. The pictures on Pinterest can give me inspiration for new color combinations or unique proportions which are useful for me when I'm trying to mix things up.

CF: Who is your favorite fashion icon

HF: I love old movies so I will always say Audrey Hepburn. She was so simple and elegant. People always think of Audrey in a long black evening gown with pearls, but I think of her looking just as fabulous in a pair of cropped pants and a black turtle neck.

CF: How do you dress for class versus on the weekends?

HF: I work most days during the week so I like to wear things that are appropriate for my job and my internship but still comfortable for class. Weekdays, I usually wear ballet flats and a dress because it's simple. On the weekends I wear something more like what I had on today, a T-shirt and jeans. I like to throw in something unique to make the outfit complete, whether it's distressed booties, a bright belt, a scarf or a vintage leather jacket. I don't think simple has to mean boring.

CF: Where do you find college-friendly fashion?

HF: I'm a huge fan of J.Crew and Madewell. Their pieces are polished but have personality which makes them perfect for someone like me who is constantly going from class to work to my internship.

How To: In the bright words of this Fahsionista, simple doesn't have to mean boring. Grab a T-shirt, perhaps a brightly-colored one, and a pair of jeans. Accessorize with an endless knitted scarf or snood. Add this fabulous Juicy Couture bag for an extra ounce of sass. Then grab a pair of heeled boots and your look is complete!


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