Hannah defines my description of a true Fashionista as someone who creates an outfit with personal integrity. As well as someone who wears an outfit with pride regardless of what’s in season or currently on the racks. Hannah pushes the envelope and is not afraid to step outside of stylistic bounds. She gravitates towards pieces that most would find uncomfortable to sport, which showcases her audacious fashion. From head to toe she puts her artistic footprint on each segment of her look, from the beret to her manicured curls, zealous lipstick and vivid jeans. I admire the bold assortment of psychedelic colors and patterns. Her outfit takes me to another era and presents a retro feel. I was drawn to her color popping pants. She even manages to find beauty in clunky rain boots that are ever so imperative in the North West. Color has never felt so fresh with this look.

Name: Hannah Holloway

Major: Planning, Public Policy and Management

(Minors: Art, Environmental Studies)

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Hannah Holloway: I would say colorful, full of bold shapes and pure fun!

CF: Where are your pieces from?

HH: My jacket is from Bloomingdales, my sweater is David David, my cardigan as well as my pants are thrift, and my boots are Isle Jacobsen.

CF: Was there a period in your life when you weren’t so colorful?

HH: In high school I dressed with lots of maroon and dark shades.

CF: What caused the drastic shift from monotone to vibrant?

HH: Whenever asked this question I always think back to my ex-boyfriend. He is who inspired me to dress in more color.

CF: What are you looking forward to with spring around the corner?

HH: Bright tights or no tights at all … I am excited to show my bare legs!

CF: What is your advice for other Fashionista/os out there?

HH: Try something that you wouldn’t normally like — you may just be surprised!

How To: To pull off a look like Hannah’s, be fearless. Find eye-catching pants that are in an unusually bright color. Pair with a loud top, full of differing patterns and colors. Polish the look with a militaristic-type jacket and accompany with a Parisian-like beret.

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