On hot summer days we often find ourselves reaching for the smallest frock we can find, and often let the heat scare us out of accessorizing, leaving us with a final product that can seem blah and predictable. But a true Fashionista knows summer is all about accessorizing with the season’s hottest trends including knits, feathers, beads and scarves.

Name: Hannah Korpal

Year: Senior

Major: Art History and Philosophy

College Fashionista: Tell me about you outfit today.

Hannah Korpal: This crochet vest is from Forever 21 but I like it because it doesn’t look like it came from there. It looks more vintage. I have on my boyfriend’s old T-shirt and got these shorts from Goodwill.

CF: How would you describe your style?

HK: I would say I dress casual but I like simplistic lines so I enjoy adding one fun piece – like this crochet vest – in with the simple stuff.

CF: Who is your style icon? (It can be someone in your personal life of a celebrity).

HK: My best friend since I was little Mackenzie started getting me into the whole not shopping, second-hand thing. I also love The Sartorialist street style blog because it shows normal people.

How To: Accessorizing in the summer heat doesn’t mean you have to layer on the fabrics that will cause you to sweat all day long. Fashionistas like Hannah find it easier to start with simple pieces like a T-shirt and trouser shorts and add interest by accessorizing with colorful summer jewelry and light fabrics like this hippie-inspired crochet cardigan from Forever21.

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