Well, now that the sun has officially left Bloomington and the snow is attempting a return, Fashionistas/os have gotten their winter coats, scarves and hats back out. This Fashionista’s winter coat is exactly what caught my eye. I have developed an obsession for fur and this Fashionista nailed the look. Standing in front of a group of motorcycles with buckle-up combat boots on, I couldn’t help but think of this Apparel Merchandising student, Hannah Smith, as an original bad girl.

Name: Hannah Smith

Year: Senior

Major: Apparel Merchandising

College Fashionista: Where did you live before you came to IU? Does that influence your style?

Hannah Smith: I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. There is a mix of different styles there, so I guess that’s what my style has a wide range to it.

CF: What colors and patterns do you wear most often?

HS: I like purple and bold stripes. Unique, geometric patterns are always fun.

CF: What is your style of music? Does it influence your style?

HS: Electronic, dubstep, and rock. Yes, I would say it does.

How To: To get a bad girl look like Hannah’s, the first and most obvious thing you’ll need is a solid pair of combat boots. When it comes to bad girl combat boots, the more buckles and straps, the better! Next you need a coat with a little fur for flare. Go bold with this plaid tweet coat from Forever 21. Don’t forget your staple items, like jeans and a basic tee. The last thing you’ll need is a scarf for warmth. Don’t be afraid to mix this abstract scarf with the tweed coat. Remember that pattern on pattern is okay when you are mixing similar colors. With all of these items, you’ll be sure to stand out in a good way by looking like a bad girl Fashionista!

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