Consider heading out on a Saturday night. Now consider your own style for the evening you’re about to embark on. Melbournians in particular, I believe, are encouraged to learn the ways of unreliable weather conditions, and therefore dress accordingly, all the while remembering to incorporate your own style in the mix.

This was something which I noticed 21-year-old student, Hannah Tavrou, executed perfectly. Describing her style as indie, favouring high-waisted skirts and shorts and high cut T-shirts, Hannah was spotted sporting an outfit that resembled her personal style to a T.

Hannah’s maroon knit jumper and casual boots allowed for the ideal stylistic additions to a temperamental Melbourne evening. Her effortlessly indie chic look instantly drew comparisons to UK style inspiration Alexa Chung. Cheekily blaming her height for the main reason behind rarely wearing high heels, preferring a cute pair of flats instead, Hannah’s look struck me as a unique but striking look for a Saturday night out. I was simply intrigued to find out more about this Fashionista’s style.

Name: Hannah Tavrou

Major: Teaching

Year: Two

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Hannah Tavrou: My style changes with what I feel like wearing at the time. I wouldn’t say that I stick with one particular style.

CF: Are there any particular style icons or trends that you tend to follow?

HT: At the moment, there are a few trends that I prefer, such as high-waisted shorts, high cut shirts. I don’t really like wearing heels as much as flats, mainly due to already being tall, but occasionally I’ll enjoy wearing a pair of heels or pumps. You could probably describe my style as the “indie” look.

CF: Do you have any preferred labels that you often resort to?

HT: I generally go for the pretty mainstream brands. For example, Sportsgirl, Dotti, Bardot, etc., although I also like labels such as One Teaspoon, Ladakh, and anything that you could generally find at General Pants & Co.

CF: Are there any styles or trends that you’re looking forward to sporting this winter?

HT: Winter is my favourite time for fashion. I love wearing different colour printed stockings with a plain white or black dress, as well as wearing boots and scarves. All of my favourites come out when I stack on the layers.

How To: If maxi dresses or floral prints are not your thing, there are ways to work around these fashionable approaches. This week’s Fashionista demonstrates a style that provides the perfect alternative to incorporate print and neutrals into your look. Wearing a sleeveless floral dress, cut at the knees with a low neckline, provides a personal favourite look, highlighting the collarbone and projecting the “girl next door” kind of style. However, by contrasting with an edgier knit, high cut jumper and dark boots, this Fashionista’s look transforms into a winter “boho” meets summer night style.

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