CollegeFashionistas everywhere know the power of amazing clothing. We also know the power of amazingly inexpensive clothing. But how do we find the perfect medium between our favorite designer brands and the items we can comfortably afford? We get thrifty! Thrift stores are fabulous ways to get the killer looks we strive for without breaking the bank. Plus, inexpensive clothing makes it easier to test out new styles and try crazy pieces that are usually not worth the price tag. You may also stumble upon some one of a kind vintage designer pieces and who doesn’t love finding vintage treasures. Ahhh, I die just thinking about it. Today’s beauty is the perfect example of a thrifty Fashionista. Her entire look is made from second hand stores! Now, that’s what I call a true Fashionista.

Name: Hayley Blum

Year: Recent graduate

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: Who are your fashion icons?

HB: Definitely my mom because she always mixed styles together. She was very eclectic. She would bring in classics and mix them with something funky. She never directly taught me about style but I would always sit and watch how she would put things together in amazing ways.

CF: Where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

HB: I get my style from my life interests. For example, the environment — if I were to find an organic or hemp made tee, I would fall in love with it. But, as far as picking up on style around me, I love to people watch. I like to see what people all over are wearing. 

CF: How would you describe your style?

HB: I love going back to past styles and bringing them to the present but with a funky flare. I love thrift stores. Everything I am wearing now is from thrift stores. They’re older, but I love how they’re from years ago and you can still make them work with today’s styles.

CF: How has Madison molded all of this?

HB: Being in Madison has allowed me to embrace my style. The city is a really open place and very diverse as far as style goes. People come to Madison from all over and there is a wide array of interests here, which is great for developing your own style.

How To: Want to mix past and present like this lovely Fashionista? Try shopping at ReThreads on State. It’s an amazing spot to find vintage and new clothing at great prices. You can also sell your clothes back to make some extra cash. What could be better? But, if you're looking for new clothing that resembles this Fashionista's look, look no further than Shopbop. They have these amazing bermuda denim shorts and this stunning sleeveless button-up. Pair this look with an enormous belt and you've got a killer look on your hands. 

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