This week's Fashionista combines the up-and-coming feminine frenzy with a casual edge that makes for the best of both extremes. With floral prints and frills filling window displays everywhere, it's hard to resist the girly summer styles. But for those Fashionista's who don't necessarily want to dive head-first into feminine craze, it takes some mixing and matching to strike the right balance. Junior Heather Crombie does exactly this.

This week's Fashionista pairs a breezy floral tunic over sleak skinny jeans. She contrasts a decadent rose print in a breezy fabric against vitage denim to meet in the middle between delicate and distressed. Combined with metallic cut-out ballet flats and a simple french braid, this Fashionista's look is perfect for the hazy days ahead.

Name: Heather Crombie

Major: Political Science ad Women's Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you typically look to for style inspiration?

Heather Crombie: People on the subway usually. That shows me what's practical and also what's fashionable. I also look at my friends, and probably a little to my mom too.

CF: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five items what would they be?

HC: My black ripped jeans, a pair of sandals, classic blue jeans, a black fitted long-sleeve shirt, and probably my flannel.

CF: Is there a trend you're looking forward to wearing this summer?

HC: One-piece bathing suits!

CF: What is the best style advice you've ever received?

HC: Lauren Conrad said in her book to buy things that are on sale and then get them tailored to fit you. That's a great piece of advice, especially because you can find a lot of really nice items that you never bother to buy because they don't fit quite right.

How To: Get Heather's look by pairing a feminine floral tunic over cigarette leg denim. Pair with bold gladiator sandals for a go-to look for summertime.

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