If I’ve learned anything this summer by talking with stylish UT students, it’s that I’m definitely missing out on the vintage and recycled clothing scene! And Austin is the best place for it, especially for students on a tight budget when it comes to buying clothes. There are tons of stores on The Drag and South Congress packed with hidden treasures and all it takes is a keen eye and a resale store veteran shopping buddy like today’s Fashionista.

Name: Helen Halldorsson

Year: Junior

Major: Government

CollegeFashionista: What influenced your outfit today?

Helen Halldorsson: All I had going on today was my two classes, so I just needed something easy but cute and comfortable. I like all kinds of colors, that’s why my shoes are orange, my toe nails are green, and my bag is blue.

CF: What’s your favorite summer look?

HH: I really like the high-waist shorts, I wear them like every day with a shirt tucked in. It looks clean.

CF: What do you look to for fashion inspiration?

HH: I flip through a magazine every now and then, but mostly I see people on the street and think “Oh, that’s so cute! I’ve never thought of that before”. Austin is all about brands and clothes you’ve never seen. People aren’t afraid to mix and match funky things. Since other people dress a little wilder I’m not scared to do the same and I won’t feel like I’m trying really hard to be different.

CF: What does fashion mean to you?

HH: The way you dress really has an effect on what people think of you. If you run into someone who could potentially get you a job or might want to set you up on a blind date, it’s always nice to look good. And it’s easy to not look like you’re going to the gym without spending a whole lot of time.

How To: Helen’s classic ensemble consists of double button navy shorts from Buffalo Exchange and a blue oversized tote from Plato’s Closet. By keeping the blouse and shorts similar dark tones, you can easily add color through accessories, shoes and a tote. Try these shorts from Charlotte Russe if you like the double buttons and this lace blouse also from Charlotte Russe. An oversized tote, like this one from H&M, is a great stylish alternative to the back pack!

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