Today’s Fashionista captured my eye with her bright blue stripes and variety of neutral hues. Her bermuda shorts and crop top go great together, showing a perfect amount of skin and pair perfectly with her awesome, mahogany skinny belt. Her leather-wrap watch makes sure this Fashionista is on time with all of her trends, and the gladiator sandals are trendy yet functional for running all around campus. Her gold knotted chain and bright smile make the outfit utter perfection. Check out what this Fashionista had to say about her style.

Name: Imara Hoyte

Major: Chemistry

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Imara Hoyte: I've been in love with the crop top look since last spring so I was super excited to find this $9, yellow tag deal at Forever 21 this summer! I didn't want to walk around campus with my stomach hanging out so I loved that this top was a little more tasteful for the academic setting, but could also be an easy wear to the beach or a weekend outing. I am also a regular Essence Magazine reader, and the off-the-shoulder crop top was seen a lot in the summer 2011 issues so that is also what inspired this look!

CF: In three words how would you describe your style?

IH: Vibrant, trendy and classy.

CF: What are your “must-haves” for fall?

IH: Those big circle scarves that you can wrap around the neck, another Betsey Johnson watch (She makes great watches!), a navy trench coat and brown leather boots.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop on a budget?

IH: Marshalls, Forever 21 and Macy's. Gotta have the Macy's card!

How To: To get this Fashionista's look, focus on finding bright stripes and pairing them with neutrals. Pair a hot pink striped top like this slouchy, striped slub top featured on Forever 21 with a pair of chocolate bermudas, like these perfect khaki bermudas from Old Navy. These awesome gladiator sandals from are fashionable and comfy for those long days of carrying tons of books across the quad. Complete your outift with an awesome skinny belt, like these faux leather belts, from Macy's. One last thing Fashionistas: don't forget to top your outfit off with a smile!

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