For most onlookers fashion is mainly confined only in well printed magazine pages, ornate shop windows and the hangers of your own closet. Today, in this day and age, style and all things adjacent have found an outlet through the Internet. CollegeFashionista is one of the many pioneers that have shed a chic, new light on fashion through turning on a computer screen. Social media communities like Tumblr, new style apps on your phone and shopping sites, are the new foreground for expressing your own individual style. It has become a way to stay updated and grasping all kinds of inspiration. What are listed under your bookmarks become your greatest accessories. This week, to share a few of hers with us is savvy and sweet student, Ina Alejo.

Name: Ina Alejo

Major: Humanities

CollegeFashionista:  Fashion and the Internet are becoming the perfect pair of partners. How do you think sites like Tumblr allow individuals to express their style?

Ina Alejo: People who use these websites portray a certain image of themselves when they choose what to post on their blog. Every blog differs from the rest in the sense that each has a certain message it wants to convey to whoever views it, just like one’s own sense of style. Tumblr isn’t just a website to post pretty looking pictures or things that make people laugh, but, more importantly, it’s a website where people can share similar interests by reblogging each other.

CF: What do you like to post about on your tumblr?

IA: Thinking about it, Tumblr is almost like an open diary. My pages are filled with a lot of nostalgic images, like screenshots of old movies and TV shows I used to watch. But, mainly it’s all about tasty food that makes me happy and clothes that I want in my wardrobe.

CF: Are you for or against online shopping? If so, where do you go to shop most?

IA: I am definitely for online shopping. I’m impatient and, truthfully, I hate driving to the store and leaving with nothing when I want something. Although an item isn’t in front of me when I buy things on the Internet I’m just willing to take the risk. I always have the option of returning, but I’m also confident in most of the purchases I make that I’ll look good in them. I mostly go on Urban Outfitters and ZooShoo. I score a lot in the sale section when I do buy things. ZooShoo is great for affordable shoes from pumps to sandals. Urban, I just love their clothes in general and I know my fit there pretty well.

CF: How would you describe your style?

IA: I try to keep a sense of balance in my style. I like to look presentable, but I don’t want to look like I’m trying to impress everybody. It’s about being presentable with a sense of simplicity. I don’t need anything too eccentric, but I don’t think I’m dull either.

CF:  What would you like to see more of via the online world?

IA: I don’t think I want to see anymore from the online world to be entirely honest. My addiction to random stuff doesn’t need to grow any larger. I’m content!

How To: For an eye-catching fall ensemble, try a less dowdy, dark palette and go for Aztec cool, dreamy Ikaat or modern gem splashed pieces. Don’t fear prints, either. Prints are an effortless touch that one can do either big or small. Try an Aztec printed skirt paired with a metallic cable knit sweater and some suede booties while grabbing your morning brew at Intelligentsia. Go for a popping Ikaat blouse tucked into your skinny jeans with a neck embracing scarf and loafers while digging through the Rose Bowl Flea Market. For glittering nights, try a gem-toned homage dress with tights and black pumps for macaroons at Bottega Louie. Make some news by adding some print in to your wardrobe.

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