You don't need a Harley or a tattoo to rock the biker chic look. In New York City, fashionable women have taken out those elements in favor of edgy fashion pieces to create the seductive, “bad girl” style. While many burrow in their puffy winter coats, the Fashionista I spotted exuded a bold air of confidence in a leather ensemble. This Fashionista's leather gloves, sleek black leggings, leather jacket, and ankle-high biker boots really caught my attention and reminded me of a brunette Kate Moss. Her look may have been casual, but it was clearly well thought-out and trendy. She understood how to balance higher end pieces like her navy Chanel bag and beaded tassel necklace with a cotton red tee and a baseball cap. Lastly, this Fashionista also combined different accessories like a chunky, wool scarf and aviator sunglasses to polish off her look. Even if you are a more of a classic dresser, you can take a ride on the wild side and be “bad to the bone” by sprucing up your look with one leather accessory, or faux leather!  

Name: Isabella Chartouni

Major: Undecided, but has an interest in Broadcast Journalism

Year: 2015

CollegeFashionista: What is the first article of clothing you grab in the morning when you are getting dressed?

Isabella Chartouni: Oversized cashmere sweater and a fun scarf 

CF: Which winter trends are you attracted to?

IC: Motor cycle boots, over accessorizing, fur vests, baseball caps and massive hobo scarves

CF: What is your favorite store in New York and why?

IC: Atrium- it has a great, unique selection of clothing that ranges from a cool, boho look to a chic, date outfit. The jewelry is easy and fun and there is a shoe for every kind of person! 

CF: How far will you go for fashion?

IC: To great lengths for my pumps! And I definitely have a fond for shopping sprees. 

CF: Who are some of your style icons?

IC: I adore Blake Lively's style and love Chloe Sevigny's.

How To: Start with a form- fitted, soft leather jacket of any color. If you are looking for the traditional biker look, you may want to opt for a basic black. Underneath the jacket, you'll want to wear a loose cotton tee, whether it is a vintage rocker tee or just a simple black or white one. Next, throw on a chunky black scarf or a long dangly necklace to make the outfit come together nicely. In terms of the lower half of your body, you'll want to wear either tight black or red jeans or leggings or even a great pair of gray leather pants if you really want to be bold. For shoes, I suggest going for any type of black leather boots whether they are ankle-high or knee-high. To give your look extra edge, go for boots with some metal details or studs. You'll want to evaluate how dark and intense your outfit looks when you put it all together. You can always edit before you step out the door! 

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