With the coldest winter days still ahead of us, this Fashionista has been trying to keep warm. She has found ways to incorporate her favorite pieces into her winter wardrobe. Just because we need to bundle up doesn’t mean we can’t look super cute doing it!

Name: Jaclyn Arfanis

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite item of your winter season wardrobe?

Jaclyn Arfanis: The accessories: I adore all the trendy scarfs, hats, earmuffs and gloves to go with my outfits. It’s just as fun to accessorize with winter wear as it is with jewelry!

CF: What are your favorite places to pick up your winter accessories?

JA: I am a huge fan of Forever21. But I do also like to spurge and get a great piece that I know will last. I like to incorporate both into my everyday wear.  

CF: What trends are you really into right now?

JA: Oversized sweaters. They're so comfortable and cute. On a winter day you really can’t go wrong.

CF: Do you put away any of your favorite pieces in storage during the winter?

JA: I don’t like to because if I feel like wearing something, no matter what the weather is I will wear it.

How To: Leather leggings are such a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Be a little daring and snag a luscious pair of leather leggings. Next step find a fun and flirty top like this Fashionista did. Polka-dots and a tied bow can’t do any Fashionista wrong! If it’s a cold day I would opt for a great pair of wedge booties. Make sure to bundle up out there but don’t forget to accessories. Cat eye sunglasses are such a hit right now. Thing’s to remember, don’t let the weather ever hold back your inner Fashionista from looking totally fierce!

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