September may be the most important and exhilarating month in the fashion world, however in Boston, September’s weather could be an absolute tease to our fashionable desires. Most days it’s warm enough to still wear sundresses, but there are always those few when the wind kicks up and Bostonians throw on their scarves and sweaters. Thus, our newly purchased red skinny jeans and blazers hang in our closets waiting to be shown off as the temperatures play limbo. As we await the change in seasons, some trends remain unchanged. This Fashionista is sporting one of those trends: the sheer top. Sheer fabrics were popular in the spring and summer, and are coming back this fall in the form of the classic button-down blouse. During the New England Indian summer this Fashionista can get away with wearing her cropped paisley and lace-trimmed sheer top, one that is rather reminiscent of some pieces from the Anna Sui Spring 2011 collection. 

Name: Jacqueline Aubrey Kos


Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Jacqueline Aubrey Kos: Whatever I feel comfortable in and makes me happy. I wouldn’t describe my style as trendy or trend-oriented, but more free-spirited I would say.

CF: What is your favorite part of your outfit?

JAK: My shirt. It’s from TJ Maxx.

CF: What are looking forward to wearing this fall?

JAK: Boots, big comfy sweaters, jeans, just coordinating all of that together. Sweater dresses, I’m so excited to wear those. Trend-wise I’m excited to try bolder colors. I’m into jade (that I’ve been seeing) and deep purple, more jewel tones.

CF: Who or what inspires your style?

JAK: Just people I see on the street. One of my style icons would be the classic, Audrey Hepburn. Also Gwen Stefani and people who aren’t afraid to take risks and who express themselves through clothes.

How To: On this summery day, this Fashionista kills three spring/summer trends with one stone:  cropped, sheer, and lace. To translate the popular sheer trend into your fall wardrobe try a blouse like this one from Forever 21. Wear it with a lace bralette underneath and a body con skirt similar to hers, which is from PacSun. Top the outfit off with heels and a few pieces of vintage, unique jewelry, and voila: a great look for parties and nights out on the town with friends.

Speaking of vintage jewelry, this Fashionista’s necklace belonged to her grandmother. Her pearl ring and bangles are also vintage. To find such pieces dig through consignment shops and family members’ jewelry boxes. Similar to sheer tops, vintage is here to stay for a while.

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