It is a well-known fact that color and mood have a positive correlation — brighter colors, bigger smiles. Just when we thought those winter blues (and blacks, greys and browns) were melting into spring fever, Punxsutawney Phil forecasts six more dark and dismal winter weeks, not exactly mood-boosting news. So, instead of wallowing in sweaters and snow, think neon! There's nothing like a healthy dose of fluorescent pink to put some spring in your step.

It was easy to spot this Fashionista between her lime green T-shirt and printed headwrap. She complemented her spring-ready look with simple flats and a camel coat.

Name: Janae Johnson

Major: International Affairs

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Janae Johnson: My headwrap is actually a scarf from Urban Outfitters, my coat is Calvin Klein, my shirt and vest are from Nordstrom, necklace and jeans from my favorite thirft store and my shoes are from Aldo.

CF: How do you incorporate color into your winter uniform?

JJ: During the winter, I usually wear neutral colors with printed scarves, colorful bags or bright jackest or cardigans. I also have a lot of colored hairwraps, which are great for any season.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

JJ: Without a doubt, fall is my favorite season to dress for. I can layer my clothing without my outfit being concealed by a bulky coat and some days are warm enough to wear summer sandals.

How To: To avoid looking like a highlighter, please consider the following suggestions. Think proportionally. Start with some vibrant jeans! These should be the focal piece of your outfit with the other articles complementing your look. Add a solid, neutral colored top and layer on some cool jewels and a puffer. Finish the ensemble off with wedges and shades for a coloful, '70s inspired look. Gloomy winter days just got way brighter!

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