It is never fun to step outside in the rain and within seconds your shoes start squishing with water. I purchased my first and only pair of boots in Europe when we always seemed to be trekking around in wet conditions. Since then, rainy days have become something to look forward to as an excuse to wear my wellies. I love how this week’s Fashionista styled her look as it is not your typical “rainy-day” attire. Her gray Hunter’s are worn with cream over the knee socks and vintage looking cut off shorts. The outfit remains casual with a slouchy scarf and cardigan. From the boots, to the shorts and ending with the vintage frames, this is slightly reminding me of what one would wear if they were attending an outdoor music festival. Coachella, anyone?

Name: Janie Dorn

Major: Advertising

Year: Sophomore 

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Janie Dorn: My go-to and probably over-worn Beatles T-shirt. It was a souvenir from when I visited Abbey Road in London. A $5 scarf from a street vender in NYC years ago. An old cardigan that was my Grandpas! Cut-off jean shorts from Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal. Knee High Socks from Target and Grey Hunter Boots from Zappos.

CF: Are there any current spring trends you wear or are looking forward to wearing?

JD: Dresses! I love dresses paired with boots in the spring 🙂 I also love my cut-off, high-waisted jeans you see here…

CF: Where do you look to for style inspiration?

JD: I love looking online or in magazines at more expensive stores and outfits and then creating my own version with my own twist and at my own budget.The “view by outfit button” or “view catalogue” on stores websites is where I get outfit ideas and then create my own from my own closet.

CF: If you could have one celebrity's wardrobe, who would it be any why?

JD: Blake Lively for sure! I love her hippie-chic look she always has going. She looks put together but in a casual, bohemian sort of way. Amazing accessories and hair too!

CF: What is your go-to outfit for class?

JD: I pretty much wear boots with knee-highs paired with anything- skinny jeans, leggings, and dresses. Add a scarf to everything and my go-to over-sized flannel from Len Outlet and you have me walking around UST

How to: To recreate this Fashionista’s ensemble, we must start with a solid colored pair of rain boots. A pair of Hunters is my first choice but you can find a similar and more budget friendly style at Target as well. To avoid uncomfortable boot to skin contact, smartly wear the boot with these Topshop over the knee socks. Then find yourself a fun pair of vintage looking cutoffs and if they are high-waisted, even better. Warby Parker has some amazing vintage frames to suit any face shape. Finish the outfit with a vintage band T, slouchy scarf and cardigan and you are ready for an outdoor music festival, rainy day, or just to look cute for class.

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