FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Jenna Blaszczykiewicz

As my journey begins in lovely London, everyone is well dressed! I was attracted to this Fashionista's effortless ease; she looked chic, comfortable and, obviously, fashionable. The midi skirt has become the "new" length this fall. This Fashionista's striped one works as the focal point of the whole outfit; her simple and refined accessories create an easy go-to look. Completed by a thin braided belt and loafers give just the right amount of enhancement while still highlighting the midi skirt. A look like this is one to sample for this fall season. 

Name: Jenna Blaszczykiewicz

Major: Communication Studies

Year: Junior  

CollegeFashionista: Who/what inspires your style?

Jenna Blaszczykiewicz: I don't look for inspiration in specific people, more so I would say through feelings and culture — movies, music, weather. 

CF: What's your go-to store?

JB: Go-to store would have to be my mother's closet. I find her vintage worn pieces and jewelry exciting to throw into typical clothing combinations. 

CF: How was living in London influenced your perspective on fashion?

JB: London has a lot of beautiful people who dress really well. It seems that London has pushed me to be bold and be comfortable with that. It's releasing!

How To: Jenna's outfit can be recreated in numerous ways. It's all about working around the midi skirt, whether yours is tight, loose or ballerina-inspired. To fashion a successful outfit, pairing your midi skirt with a simple tight tank is a perfect way to complement the outfit. I also really like silky blouses that add a romantic and whimsical that feels very '50's. Last, adding the perfect shoe keeps everything grounded. I prefer a loafer like Jenna's because it's practical for everyday use and doesn't look like your trying too hard. 

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