It's that time of year where we say farewell to the final wisps of fall and embrace the first bursts of winter. Snow is just figuring out how to fall and the atmosphere is nothing but romantic. This Fashionista caught my eye with her cherry red coat,  effortless class and Blake Lively-esque beauty. She was the epitome of how to be put together yet sexy in the colder months when skin isn't readily exposed. Just grab your blue-red lipstick, your little black dress and a copy of Some Like It Hot because this week, we're going old-school romantic. 

Name: Jennah Robichaud

Major: Sociology 

Year: Senior 

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Jennah Robichaud: My boots are from Spring. The jeggings are from Winners and the screen print shirt is from H&M. My necklace is from Pyrrha. My Amethyst ring is from Flair jewelry in Fredericton, NB and the butterfly ring is from a flea market in the States. My silver studs and black infinity scarf are from Willow Soul, a boutique in Kingston. My jacket is from Forever 21

CF: Who are your personal style icons?

JR: I don't think I have any specific style icons, but I would say my style tends to be heavily influenced by those romantic, classic icons. Think Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. I love pearls, big curls, sleek lines and simple colours. For me, the women from that era epitomize the perfect balance of sexy and classy. As far as contemporary style icons… probably Blake Lively, but I just like her (laughs). 

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JR: Comfy and classic. If something isn't comfortable, I won't wear it. I also tend to stick with the classics. It takes me a while to jump on board with new trends. I have a few really versatile staples that I wear most days of the week (like my knee-high black boots and silver stud earrings) and I pair them with trendier pieces that suit my activities for the day (like oversized sweaters for studying or a sheer blouse with a tank top for work).

CF: Do you have any budget-friendly tips for university students?

JR: One: Only buy what you love. I think we get caught up in, “Well, it's just okay, but it's a great deal.” I would rather have 10 pieces I absolutely love and paid full price for but feel great in then a closet full of clothes I feel just okay about. So much of style is feeling confident in what you're wearing. Two: Don't be preoccupied with the label. You can find great things in the most unlikely of places if you take the time to look past who designed it. For example, my sterling silver earrings are identical to Tiffany studs, but I paid $15 for them from a local Kingston designer instead of hundreds of dollars for a brand name that you wouldn't even see in my ears. I love them and I've had them for years!

How To: To achieve this Fashionista's look, think Marilyn Monroe meets Blake Lively. A statement jacket is essential in a rich hue like ruby or emerald. To mirror the romanticism, embrace nipped waists, soft fabrics and form-fitting pieces like a sexy wrap dress or a cashmere cardigan. Accessories don't have to be pricey to please; look for local designers and sidewalk sales with hidden gems. Balance your brighter jacket with neutrals and complete with a pair of black leather knee-high boots made for walking. Then go walk in the snow and fall in love. 

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