Just when we thought spring was officially here, the temperature started to decrease once again and even showed some bits of rain (I also swear it was hailing for a moment, too). I remember talking with friends about how happy we are to finally pull out our spring/summer outfits when really, we had to keep our coats out also. A small tip for incoming freshmen: even though it's April or May, always have at least one warm coat out! While thinking about this, I managed to stop this Fashionista wearing a black trench coat and a cute fur muffler.

Name: Jennifer Bae

Major: Political Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who are your favorite designers?

Jennifer Bae: Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang and recently I really like Victoria Beckham because her fashion line features a lot of black; I love black.

CF: Any personal advice, tip, or motto you have about fashion?

JB: Many people ask me why I only wear black and only have dark shades of clothes. And I always answer back by saying I just really like black, because it goes well with everything, especially with accessories or heels and find no problem in trying to style it in a certain way. So I guess my advice is don't get influenced by what others say about your fashion. Be confident with what you chose to wear and what you like. You wear it because you like it, so you should be confident about it.

How To: Jennifer gives a perfect advice for those who have once been hindered about their own fashion style. Just like she remarked, be confident of what you're wearing because no one is to judge or criticize for what you personally like. Her adorable fur muffler is a very stylish accessory especially during a cold weather, and since all you have to do is stick your head through it and not have to worry about wrapping it around. There are many types of mufflers and scarves that you can conveniently just put on, which I introduced in my past post. If you're just like this Fashionista and love to wear black but like to add on a minimal perkiness with accessories, try to search for some colored scarves, colored bags, or colored shoes!

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