During a week of distinctly wintry weather when the UCC campus and its students have been subjected to everything from gale force winds to hail stones, I managed to find a ray of sunshine and a burst of colour to brighten up proceedings through this week’s FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT. This Fashionista stood out a mile from her peers due to the mixture of her strikingly cheerful colour palette and the eclectic mix of styles and themes in her outfit. She identifies femininity as a key to her style while she gives a nod to the popular sports luxe trend to add a contrasting and kitsch slant to the outfit. Her striking outfit proves her nugget of fashion advice all too true — the importance of embracing your own style and individuality in fashion is paramount.

Name: Jennifer O’Sullivan

Major: Professional Diploma in Education

Year: One

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Jennifer O’Sullivan: I would describe my style as a tad eccentric at times, which I think comes from the musician in me. It has definite vintage influences and, although I usually use a lot of colour, I also love the striking impact of black and white.

CF: From whom or where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

JOS: My style is drawn from various influences and eras. While I adore classic Victorian fashion I will mix it with my favourite modern looks  and pieces to make my own distinctive style. I take inspiration from fashion magazines and television, as well as street style, and experiment with and incorporate what I like into my own style.

CF: If there was one item of clothing or accessory you could not live without, what would it be and why?

JOS: I would have to say dresses. I feel that they are the ultimate way to make a feminine statement in fashion and are a key characteristic of my style, along with skirts. 

CF: What tip would you give for shopping vintage?

JOS: Always have a good search online. When you know your style really well and know what to look for, often you can get better results by trawling through the internet. Having said that, there are some good vintage stores in Cork, if you know where to look. Turquoise Flamingo is a personal favourite.

CF: Do you have a particular style tip that you would like to pass on to CollegeFashionistas everywhere?

JOS: Always stay true to yourself and your own style – it is important to embrace your individuality and be proud to stand out and be different.

How To: Few Fashionistas can resist the sporty chic look of the moment which today’s Fashionista perfects through her cute bright yellow anorak. Get the look with this cropped sleeve bomber jacket from New Look which will add that touch of sports luxe to even the most feminine outfit. The floral skirt is the ultimate feminine statement, according to this Fashionista. Follow her lead and team your sports jacket with this pink patterned number from ASOS to make a girly contrast. This Fashionista’s use of accessories sets her style apart, adding a funky and kitsch edge which makes it unique. Steal her style with this vibrant neck tie from Accessorize to make maximum impact with the minor detail. A cute pair of ballerina pumps will complete this ultra-cute and girly get-up.

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