Despite the start of spring and generally warm weather, constantly changing North Carolina weather ensures that a pair of boots or a light scarf aren't far away. But this week's Fashionista works with today's chilly weather by combining the warmth of winter clothing and the whimsy of spring clothing. Her light scarf combines lace, a hot trend, and light linens to channel the light and airy feel of the season. This Fashionista also dresses for the cold weather by pairing a cute pencil skirt with tights and neutral boots, topping it off with a multi-tone sweater to spice up the ensemble. This Fashionista's outfit shows that a few chilly days during spring can be a welcome fashion break from the norm.

Name: Jessica Bell

Major: History

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Has your style remained the same over the years or have you adapted it to new trends?

Jessica Bell: I would say that my general style has stayed the same with a few new tweaks. I do love new trends, and I follow new fashion advice on the Internet and consult my favorite stores, but I have always kept my wardrobe classic.

CF: In your opinion, what is the best new trend this season?

JB: I really like how bold colors are emerging in every storefront. One of my favorite colors is orange, so I like that it's a hot color this year. I already have some orange pieces in my wardrobe that I plan to break out.

CF: If you could downsize your wardrobe to only two pieces, what two pieces would you choose?

JB: I would keep my favorite shirt dress, which is a neutral color, and my Michael Kors cross-body. Both pieces are simple and neutral, but they still command attention.

CF: What is your favorite clothing brand?

JB: Definitely French Connection. I love how unique each of their pieces are, and as a huge fan of dresses, I can't seem to stay away from any store that carries their dresses or their website. I'm usually on a budget, so I can't buy their clothing too often, but I splurge when I have extra cash.

CF: What is one winter piece you won't pack away for the summer?

JB: A nice pair of simple boots. I have an obsession with boots and I think that a pair of clean, streamlined boots can be appropriate with a lot of spring or summer dresses.

How To: To get this Fashionista's look, pair a light scarf with any neutral outfit. A scarf similar to this Fashionista's can be found at Urban Outfitters, and a nice pair of transition boots can be found at ALDO. The right scarf paired with the right boots is appropriate for year-round fashion.

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