Riddle me this: Every celebrity has one, every editorial needs one, and everyone wants one. What’s the answer? A fantastic stylist of course. The fashion industry has created a confidant who bridges what’s off the runway to funnel into magazine shoots, movie premieres, and personal wardrobes.  Stylists are knowledge and savvy essentials to the behind the scenes process of creating a fabulous façade. Jessica Zimmerman gives us the scoop on running the streets of Los Angeles as an up a and coming stylist 

Name: Jessica Zimmerman

Major: Merchandise Marketing 

CollegeFashionista: What role do you take in the fashion industry?

Jessica Zimmerman: I am working my way up in the wardrobe styling industry. Currently, I am an assistant stylist for a style house in Los Angeles. We mostly do celebrity styling for award shows, music videos, editorial shoots, etc. I also do freelance work for multiple photographers and stores in the LA area.

CF: In relation to styling what do you think is the biggest misconception?

JZ: Most people think that styling just means going shopping a lot. There is actually a lot of research and preparation involved prior to projects. To create a look that can be captured beautifully on camera means being able to extend your abilities to any limits.

CF: What’s the best part about being behind the scenes?

JZ: The best part is seeing the finished product. The moment you’ve completed your task and it looks good is instantly gratifying. In the end the true satisfaction is making the client happy.

CF: Whose style do you admire the most?

JZ: I know it’s almost become a cliché but I absolutely adore the Olsen's sense of style. They are on the forefront of individualizing their view of fashion. They continually are doing things to break the rules and making everything their own.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JZ: I am a bit of a tomboy. I love the color black, graphic tees, menswear inspired pieces, and boots. My trick is to create the perfect balance. I want to making sure I don’t come across to masculine so to add a touch of femininity I like to throw on a bold lipstick and curling my hair.

CF: What are your fall fashion favorites and what would you like to see more of?

JZ: For fall you can never go wrong with oversized knits and wool coats. It’s easy to accessorize by pairing them with knee high socks and a great bootie. I would definitely like to see some more knit dresses because I can't get enough of them!

How To: A tomboy essential that will last you through all trends and seasons is the ultimate denim shirt. It brings an air of carefree effortlessness with a bit of on the edge attitude. For something more academy try a dark denim pullover tucked into belted trousers quirky loafers. To make something more wild west try a fitted snap button denim shirt with your favorite skinny jeans, felt hat and prairie boots. Although for an everyday appeal go for a light wash ex boyfriend fit shirt to lair with graphic tees and even silk pajama pants. There are enough options to keep you true in your blue.

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