It’s the final (fashion) showdown, ladies and gentlemen. Give a nice, warm welcome to that time of year when you are tested on the books and your ability to dress while stressed. Finals; also known as a week and a half of two-hour tests, all-nighters, caffeine addictions, cram sessions and junk food. What’s a Fashionista to do!? Luckily, the students of George Washington University have done their studying and got an A+ in Finals Fashion. I spotted this Fashionista walking back to the library from a java break and helped her procrastinate just a bit longer by asking some questions about her style during the toughest time of the school year!

Name: Jessy Wynne

Major: Political Communication with a double minor in Women’s Studies and Arabic

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Jessy Wynne: I am wearing boots and socks courtesy of my mother circa 1980. My jeans are Justice jeans from Soto Boutique in L.A. paired with a sheer button-down from Forever 21. The sweater is also my mom’s from Banana Republic. If you're reading this mom, this might explain where half your wardrobe went. The coat is from the London Fog website. Last but not least, my beloved leather backpack is from Brandy Melville.

CF: I love it all! How do you stay chic and fabulously upbeat during finals?

JW: During finals season, my mission is to get all As and stay away from jeans and/or sweatpants as much as possible. I usually accomplish only one of these. I have found that the easiest way to not let finals turn us into the sweatpants-wearing humans we are all dying to be is to throw on any solid-colored dress paired with funky tights and a chunky sweater. I feel my best when pairing flowing dresses in my favorite fall colors, such as burgundy or cream, with my beige, dotted tights, topped with a sweater. 

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JW: I would describe my personal style as eclectic. I really try to find classic pieces that have a unique twist. Sometimes I like letting one statement piece speak for my outfit as a whole. My ideal closet consists of button-downs in bright colors, short dresses with peter pan collars, peplum tops with back cut-outs and anything else that makes me feel like the lady I want to be.

CF: Who are your style inspirations?

JW: My style inspirations are primarily movie characters. My top is Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. No outfit has ever been better than the iconic black dress, pearls and black sunglasses. I love Holly's effortless appearance where she has one statement piece, and lets her personality make the clothes. Another inspiration is Drew Barrymore's character in Going the Distance. She totally lets her personality dictate her clothes, rather than any kind of trend. Barrymore spends the movie in fuchsia lipstick and T-shirts, teal blazers and bow ties as necklaces.

CF: What is on your holiday gift list?

JW: I am asking for the Chelsea Shearling Coat in black from NASTY GAL to channel my Holly Golightly obsession. I also found a white sequin collar necklace from NASTY GAL that will bring out my inner Drew Barrymore.

How To: Do you want to look this fabulous during finals? I have the answers! I’m going to start with this Fashionista’s legwear. The high socks over pants trend is SO in right now and perfect for the cold weather. You can wear patterned or solid socks, but I personally love the statement given off by a printed pair. These can be found all over, but most notably in Target, J.Crew and Urban Outfitters. I like wearing these with my Steve Madden combat boots so they slightly peep out of the top, but they also can go with little booties or Sperry Top-Siders! I loved the hint of color from underneath this Fashionista’s sweater. During the dark days of finals, it’s good to show a little color to brighten up your days! To get this look, check out Express’s Long Convertible Sleeve Blouse, coming in a variety of colors to give your outfit the POP! it needs! If you’re going to carry around those textbooks, you should do it in style! Just like this Fashionista, I recommend the fabulous bags from Brandy Melville. They are unique, fun and the perfect accessory for finals season!

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