This week's spotlight is fixed on a fun-loving Fashionista who stays true to what she likes. Freshman Jillian Brooks proves that style is only special when it's your own. Always drawn to feminine frills and floral prints, Brooks embraces a lighthearted look that's as sweet as her personality.

This week, Brooks pairs cowboy-inspired boots with a delicate blouse. She contrasts creamy lace with classic dark denim and weathered leather to meet in the middle between girly and grunge. Finished with pearl-embellished chandelier earrings and an elegant fishtail braid that's reminiscent of Southern belle chic, Brooks's ensemble is a refreshing intermission from the typical NYC edge.

Name: Jillian Brooks:

Major: Marketing

Year: Freshman

College Fashionista: Where do you typically look to for style inspiration?

Jillian Brooks: Definitely magazines, like Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I read a lot of magazines. I like to see what's up and coming.

CF: Has living in New York City influenced your style at all?

JB: Yes. There's so many different people and different styles, so it's easy to be inspired. It’s also easy to just push the envelope by trying something new and just mixing pieces that you normally wouldn't pair together.

CF: What's the most valuable style advice you've received?

JB: Dress to make you happy, not others. Style is a reflection of who you are so you should be happy and comfortable in what you wear.

CF: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five pieces what would they be?

JB: Definitely a pair of boots (like brown leather boots), a pair of big earrings (because I love big earrings), a pair of tights, a black blazer and a long white tunic.

CF: Are any aspects of your personality reflected in the way you dress?

JB: Yeah. I like a lot of feminine, girly pieces like floral prints and lace and stuff. I guess that reflects my character because I guess you could say I’m innocent, friendly, down-to-earth.

How To: Get Jillian’s look by juxtaposing a feminine white blouse with rugged cowboy boots. Pairing a lightweight chiffon or delicate lace top with an androgynous boot makes for the perfect contrast that will last you through every occasion from day to night. Throw on oversized chandelier earrings to add color and character to the neutral look.

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