This week’s Fashionista Jolene’s outfit’s beauty is beyond compare. Jolene’s outfit is not the typecast of a beautiful ensemble; its charm is in its utility. In the heart of downtown, UofT is home to many bicyclists and students who depend on bikes as a main source of transportation all year round. On hot summer days, bikes and fashion tend to clash. You can’t wear wedges, a maxi skirt and a leather jacket when biking in the summer because you would trip or sweat to your death. The key to harmonizing your style with your bike’s demands is to buy comfortable and functional adaptations of trends. A la Jolene (on the left), try pairing a loose floral blouse with some tights and chucks to create a bike-ready outfit! The utilitarian meets military chic trend is perfect for bike wear: lots of pockets, combat boots and cargoes! Jolene has chosen comfortable adaptations of the Bohemian trend. She chose to incorporate the trend through a floral necklace, blouse and leather satchel not via long bohemian maxi dress and espadrilles. Like Jolene and her friend, top off any bike outfit with a fabulous pair of Raybans and you are set for a day in the city!

Name: Jolene

Year: Junior

Major: Civil Engineering

CollegeFashionista: What one word encapsulates the essence of your look today?

Jolene: Summery.

CF: What is one of your most favorite purchases?

J: I have this leather jacket. It is definitely one of my all time favorite purchases. I can literally pair it with any outfit!

CF: Any current store obsessions?

J: Not really. I just browse and window shop at different locations until something catches my eye. That way my look isn’t stuck in one style from a certain store.

CF: What inspires your outfits? Where do you seek style inspiration?

J: Music, TV shows, blogs and my environment.

How To: You can never go wrong with a leather satchel. They are definitely this year’s it bag because they can be incorporated in so many different looks! Try creating a military chic look by pairing your leather satchel with combat boots and a shirt dress. For a more feminine look, like Jolene, pair the leather satchel with floral printed dress or blouse and flowing cardigan. Or pull an Indiana Jane and pair the satchel with khakis, olive green, fringe and cowboy boots! Leather satchels can be pricy such as the ones made by Roots or Tommy Hilfiger. For inexpensive versions, try your local H&M and Zara. Best part about leather satchels is that they come in many varieties and different styles —from floral and embroidered like Jolene’s to simple and minimalistic like Vanessa’s from Gossip Girl.

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