For the past couple of days, the amount of despondency in campus have been significantly rampant. Yes, finals week a.k.a. hell period is here once again. It's during this time that we slip on those loose shirts and dull-colored clothes to get us through the whole week of sleepless nights. Clothes can really be reflective of a person's mood. But this week's Fashionista proves to us another way to face to finals week – by wearing neon brights to counter the gloomy feeling!

Name: Jopet Rae A. Gonzaga

Major: Business Administration

Year: Fourth

CollegeFashionista: What is your style philosophy?

Jopet Gonzaga: Wear your best all the time. What you wear shows your attitude and character, so wear what most people get attracted to. At most times, wear something that defies the real you. You should wear clothes that would build you up with a good image. Sometimes, your own image is a very important matter.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

JG: I get inspired from random models, Fashionista friends, my best friend, International singer Katy Perry and local star Anne Curtis.

CF: What is currently your favorite trend?

JG: I wear colorful clothes for summer, and I [recently] got a short haircut to match the season. On normal days, I usually wear jeggings, skinny jeans and denim shorts; see through long sleeve polos with inner tank tops and simple shirts for my top. When I feel looking like a genius, I wear smart casual clothes like cardigans over dresses or blouse and skirts.

CF: If you could raid someone else’s wardrobe, whose would it be?

JG: It would be Katy Perry’s because her clothes are so trendy and colorful. I like the way she wear dresses from the 80’s that have fitted waistlines and short bubble skirts.

CF: Do you have any style rules to live by?

JG:  I don’t really have any, but when I dress up I wear different kinds of clothes that match the occasion. I change clothes more than three times until I get the right one. I find it hard to find and wear some clothes that would get inches off my body, that’s why I take long to dress up.

How To: Jopet's look is all about mixing different neon clothes within the same color range. Neons are quite eye-catching, so try not to mix too much of different colors because this might look too overpowering. Try out these three pieces to emulate the ensemble: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel polka dot top, McQ Alexander McQueen long knitted top, and Brian Atwood fluorescent patent pump. Then finish it off with solid black tights. Try this look, and wear it before taking an exam or while doing a term paper. This will definitely brighten up your mood! What better way to face these hardships than with a happy glowing aura?

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