Winter dressing is an art to which layering is crucial. You have to be prepared for frigid mornings and overly heated classrooms and coffee shops. I spotted this Fashionista, one of my coworkers, and college student, over the holiday break. She emulated the perfect balance between comfy and chic and looked ready to face any sort of weather condition.

Name: Jordan Abraham

Major: Undeclared

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit?

Jordan Abraham: I had been in New York for a few days prior, so I was used to layering my clothes to keep warm. However, Charlotte tends to be warmer than New York, so I was able to wear lighter layering items. I have really been into orange recently but usually when people see black and orange they tend to think of Halloween, which is why I placed the bright yellow T-shirt underneath so that the two colors weren't directly atop one another. Black skinny jeans have always been a go-to, and heels to me are almost always a necessity (no matter the size of the heel). The new colors for spring are already starting to bring the brights out in my wardrobe, and the weather being warmer helps!

CF: How do you stay comfy and chic during the cold winter months?

JA: Many people think that when winter rolls around its much more difficult to look chic. I love winter dressing. Long skirts and dresses are super comfy during the winter, and I have found a new love for turtle necks this fall/winter that has made layering even more rad.

CF: Who is your style icon?

JA: My fashion icon is Mary-Kate Olsen. I love how she either looks simple and natural, or has this wild and totally unique side of herself.

How To: Think layers. Try a pair of skinny jeans and layer a mens sweater over a printed or bright top. Pair with heels and a clutch and…voilà! Cozy and chic.


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