School’s out and the living’s easy. With a few days left to enjoy the District before the dreaded return to suburbia, I’ve found myself scrambling to piece together outfits suitable for metro jumping and city trekking. I’ll need comfortable shoes, shorts (preferably jorts), and a pullover for this unseasonably cool forecast. Now, all I need to do is unpack all these boxes…

I spotted this Fashionista kicking back in Kogan with a post-freshman year celebratory Frappucino, of course! Between packing up her room and seeing friends off for the summer, she rocked an embellished mesh T-shirt, cuffed jeans, T-strap sandals and a roomy cross-body bag.

Name: Jordan Coggins

Major: English

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What does your style say about you?
Jordan Coggins: As much as I'd like to say I have a cohesive style, my style typically reflects my current mood. Usually I like to dress more urban – I love my collared shirts and Oxfords. However, sometimes when I'm feeling a little more adventurous I'll throw on something with a little sparkle or a crazy pattern.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?
JC: I'd have to say my favorite season to dress for is fall. I'm a sweater girl so it's always exciting when I get to break out my cold weather clothes. However, I'm from the South so I always like dressing for fall more because it's chilly, but not too cold.

CF: What is your favorite college budget friendly stores to shop at?
JC: My absolute favorite store to shop at when I'm on a budget is Nordstrom Rack. I can always find high-end clothes at a discounted price and tons and tons of great shoes!

How To: This Fashionista shows us that sightseeing doesn’t have to be tacky. Aim for an outfit that will be comfortable enough for daytime strolling and stylish enough for evening dining.  Whether you’re hiking the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or window-shopping on U Street, remember that those wedges you thought were so perfect this morning will probably be debilitating this afternoon. I prefer to stick with flats, particularly worn-in sneaks. These sneakers combine old-school cool with practical comfort. Pair them with jorts or cuffed jeans, and top off with a simple T-shirt. Add a printed shawl – you’ll want one to throw on at museums or restaurants. Top off with a chic tote, large enough to hold your purchases, museum guides and a refillable bottle of water. With an ensemble like this, you’ll be stopping traffic in no time. Tourists beware!


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