Say yes to colorblocking! I spotted this Fashionista as I was making my way to the K-State Student Union to grab my dinner before I headed to the library. I loved the mix of bright colors, crochet and animal print accessories. To top it off, she had a casual cool vibe that was in harmony with the beautiful weather. Speaking of which, I’m starting to believe that the spring has bloomed early this year — what a treat!

Name: Jordam Powers

Major: Secondary Education

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: I LOVE the colorblocking! What inspired your look today?

Jordan Powers: What inspired my look was that I was tired of dressing like a bum for class! LOL. But otherwise, I have friends who work at Kieu's in downtown Manhattan, and they give me a ton of tips and pointers on looking like an actual person. These are all my favorite colors, especially the salmon, yellow and turquoise. So it only makes sense to put them together!

CF: What’s your favorite piece to wear in the spring?

JP: I absolutely love summer dresses!

CF: What trends are you looking forward to this summer and fall?

JP: Dresses, dresses and dresses. I hope there are some cute ones this year!

CF: If you could only use three words to describe your style, what would they be?

JP: Simple, cheap and cute.

How To: This week’s Fashionista has must-have yet easy-to-find pieces that you can afford for yourself this spring! Get her look by tucking a deep teal T-shirt under a high-waist, turquoise skirt, to start off. Accentuate the waist a little with a brown waist belt. Then lightly layer with a coral blazer to add depth and contrast. Next, finish the look with interesting accessories, such as a bright colored watch, animal print flats and a dual-color crochet bag. And there you have it!

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