The Mediterranian allure is always a desirable flavor in the spring-summer months. As the season calls for light tones and soft fabrics, it's the perfect time for Grecian-inspired fashion to enter the spotlight with its lovely drapes, chunky straps, and gold accents. Combined with the luscious pastels trend, this week's Fashionista channels her inner goddess with floor-grazing number.

Name: Joyce Advincula

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Third

CollegeFashionista: What is your style philosophy?

Joyce Advincula: Express Yourself. Clothing gives a glimpse of a person’s individuality and identity, and as for me, I love incorporating pieces and prints that truly jives with my interests and hobbies. Most fun favorite things I love adding up in my style are music, color, stars and cats.

CF: What is currently your favorite trend?

JA: I don’t usually follow trends strictly, but recently I’m really crazy about color blocking. A little mod of the 60’s style revamped and made more exciting with colors, is just so perfect for someone like me who’s unafraid to wear pastels.

CF: If you could whittle down your wardrobe into just 5 items, what would they be?

JA: I guess 5 items that are essential in my wardrobe and complete my everyday wear would be an oversized tee, bandage skirt/high waist shorts, a pair of nice and comfy wedge, a funky watch plus a really cute and spacious bag.

CF: If you could raid someone else’s wardrobe, whose would it be?

JA: I’d most probably raid Dakota Fanning’s wardrobe or maybe all of Erin Fetherston’s collection.

CF: Do you have any style rules to live by?

JA:  Experiment on clothes. One thing that makes fashion really fun is being able to mix and match styles to one’s own preference.

How To: To emulate this look, you must bring out the Aphrodite in you. Pick your maxi dress in a solid pastel color; the absence of prints makes the whole look uninterrupted as it better shows off the lovely drapes. This Topshop wrap jersey maxi dress is a good example. Then style it up with gold accessories like this gold bib necklace. As for the shoes, choose wedges that are of a different color from your dress. This Gianvitto Rossi wedge sandals comes in the color of the sea, perfectly complimenting the maxi dress' bright salmon hue.

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