Goldsmiths people have great sense of style. Ain’t no doubt about it. Furthermore, the style can be summed up into one word – ‘quirky’ with the following items as the ‘must-wear’: oxford shoes, chunky sweater, tights, printed tops for Fashionistas and skinny leg pants, coats and leather shoes for the Fashionistos. Therefore, if your style is somewhat sporty/athletic-inspired, I can guarantee that you will stand out of the crowd, just the way this Fashionista does.

Name : Joyce Yang

Year : First

Major : Media Studies

CollegeFashionista : What’s your current favourite accessories?

Joyce Yang : I think it would be my bow tie, I’m not wearing it right now, though. My friend gave the bow tie and she handmade it for me. It’s one of a kind, that’s why I like it!

CF: Lovely! And which celebrity do you think has the best style?

JY: Of course, it’s got to be Agyness Deyn! SHE IS MY FASHION ICON! I’m not really the feminine-girly style kind of girl; I like unisex and tomboy look and her style is just like that!

CF: Couldn’t agree more. So, then, what’s your go-to outfit?

JY: Simple. T-shirt and jeans, but I’ll add some accessories to avoid looking too-casual.

How To: Varsity jacket is the ‘it’ item this spring and it also the easiest way to pull off a sporty look. Not to mention it makes you look cool while keeping the ‘school-spirit’ alive. Another classic piece for the sporty look is the Chuck Taylor together with socks (like Joyce, turn up your jeans so that others can see your socks!) Get yourself some cool T-Shirts, such as these from Poketo because you’re going to need it for simply a go-to outfit or adding some colours/graphics to your style. Last, but not least, considering that it’s not officially spring yet, it’s better to cover up with some layers (Joyce did an excellent job by wearing a jeans shirt and then tied it up. Definitely add some more style!) and wear a beanie hat!

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