“Weather that is 96 degrees, feels like 106 degrees.” These are the words we dreamt of back in January, but somehow we are once again stuck inside. Is anyone else ready for a little snow? It may be just me, but I literally melt every time I step outside. It is not only hard to function in this extreme heat, but creating the right wardrobe is just as much of a challenge. Less is more and simplicity is key. This Fashionista shows us the power of an easy look that’s sure to stay cool.

Name: Jsering Yama

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Jsering Yama: I love looking at blogs like LOOKBOOK and flipping through fashion magazines. I also love going through vintage stores for inspiration. 

CF: Who are your celebrity fashion icons?

JY: Definitely Rachel Bilson. Everything she wears is so simple but at the same time its still so cute. She can wear a simple black tank and shorts but the way she pulls it off is so cute.

CF: How has living in Madison influenced your style?

JY: I actually moved here from New York so when I came here everything was so different. But I really think my style has become simpler since I made the move. Madison is so great but there are not all that many choices in terms of shopping. So, making it simple yet great is the key.

How To: This Fashionista’s look is amazingly trendy yet consists of two perfectly shapeless pieces that make her outfit right on point. The flowing elements of her look make it perfect for this hot, hot, hot day while the monochrome colors keep it refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Want duds like this Fashionista? Try this white maxi skirt and black-cropped tank from Shopbop. Add some gladiator sandals and this stunning necklace for a splash of color and you’ll be sure to look and stay cool in the heart of summer.

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