Julie is a Fashionista inspired by thrift store shopping and vintage pieces. She knows just how to wear the preppy cardigan with the girly collared shirt and the hipster mustard colored high-waisted shorts. It seems like all of these different styles together would be too overwhelming, but she rocks it by sticking to a neutral palette with a pair of statement shorts. She’s all the great styles mixed into one perfectly put together outfit.

Name: Julie Collins
Major: Sociology
Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your style?
Julie Collins: I like a mix of vintage and feminine pieces, so eclectic vintage with mod-style colors, feminine pieces with collars, gold buttons and just pretty things.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?
JC: Buffalo Exchange definitely here in Eugene. At home I like The Red Light, which is another big thrift store. For stores unlike thrift stores I like Forever 21, H&M and Urban Outfitters clearance.

CF: What’s your go-to accessory?
JC: Combat boots. They are apporpriate for the weather; you can wear them to make your outfit a little more edgy, but they are still comfortable.

CF: How would you advise people to dress for the Oregon weather?
JC: Invest in a good jacket, one that cinches at the waist and has a hood. You’re going to be wearing it all the time, so you want to get something that is cute and timeless.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s polished hipster look, find a pair of tailored high-waisted shorts in an appropriate autumn color. Layer dark tights under the shorts and wear lace-up combat boots to keep warm in the chilly fall months. Find a collared top in a light tone with feminine details like pearl buttons or lace trim. Throw on a letterman jacket inspired cardigan, and top off the look with gold studded earrings in a fun design.

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