While fashion has come a long way since the '90s, the aesthetic of '90s grunge is still carried over in designer collections, and on Fashionistas/os. One designer with grunge inspiration ws the fall 2011 runway of Charlotte Ronson. Bringing the runway look to campus wear, this Fashionista takes the overlooked zebra print and combines it with a rough, destroyed t-shirt for the ultimate grunge affect.

Name: Julie Many

Year: Junior

Major: Math Education

CollegeFashionista: Where do you do most of your shopping?

Julie Many: Forever 21 to get the style or trend I am looking for. When I am looking for special designer pieces I turn to Nordstrom Rack for their amazing deals.

CF: Which piece in your wardrobe could you not live without?

JM: My Sperrys, they are my go to shoes.

CF: What drew you to this zebra print dress?

JM: I love animal print; you can never have too much of it. The print is one of the risks I feel like I can pull off in fashion. While leopard print tends to be the popular choice, I like the zebra print for the contrast of black and white.

How To: When asking Fashionistas their favorite places to shop, Forever 21 is a constant answer. The store’s ability to capture trends at affordable prices is what draws in its shopper. Because animal print can be seen as trendy for some and not as an investment, this leopard dress offers the trend without the guilt. To accomplish the grunge look, take any old t-shirt you own, and pair with ripped up jean shorts like these from Urban Outfitters, or with combat boots and a maxi dress. The important thing to remember when incorporating grunge is layer with a tougher side. 

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