In an interesting phone call with my mother a few weeks ago, she said she had heard that some college students weren’t bringing home their fall wardrobes to swap with their winter. Sounding so very fashionably-informed, she shared that these days, certain pieces can be worn in every season and kept in your closet year-round; you may just need to warm it up with a sweater or tights. It got me thinking (yes, my mom got me thinking about fashion) about all of the different outfits we put together every day and how many of them you can wear in all four seasons. A tank top in summer can be a tank top under a cardigan in the fall; high-waisted shorts in the spring can be put over tights in the winter. While there will always be a wardrobe for each of the four seasons, some pieces can intermix. This realization had me on the look out for students sporting looks you could find in any season. I spotted this Fashionista walking to her dorm and instantly noticed her use of shorts in the cold DC weather! I had to approach her to find out more! Whoever said there was a shorts season was clearly wrong!

Name: Juliette Medina

Major: International Affairs

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Juliette Medina: My sweater is from Brandy Melville NY and so is my bag (but it is made by Urban Expressions). I bought my three rings and my necklace off a street vendor in SoHo, NYC. My boots are my favorite shoes I own and they are Frye Engineer Boots. My shorts are from LF Soho.

CF: What are you favorite ways to wear shorts in winter?

JM: I am obsessed with shorts; wearing them in the summer is not enough for me. In the winter I wear them with tights and large knits with a decent amount of jewelry. Other times I wear a bright or pastel colored chiffon shirt.

CF: What do you think about wearing clothing that can go in any season?

JM: I think it is perfectly fine to wear clothing year round as long as you pair it with something from the current season. If I were to wear a sundress in the winter, I would maybe pair it up with a leather jacket or dark boots.

CF: Who are your fashion inspirations?

JM: Celeb wise, I like people who don’t have one specific style. The Olsen twins are an example of two girls who can wear oversize sweaters and combat boots or tight sequined dresses. I really admire that. Designer wise, I love Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.

CF: How do you go about picking out an outfit?

JM: When it comes to picking out an outfit, it’s pretty conducive to my mood. Usually in the winter I automatically go for layers so I know that no matter where I am I will be comfortable. My style changes from day to day, so it is always a surprise!

CF: What are some of your favorite trends?

JM: I love all of the leather in the Alexander Wang fall 2012 collection. It’s classy, yet edgy. Another trend I’ve seen and love is the pop of bright colors. This has been very popular around campus, as well as in fashion magazines. The Kate Spade fall collection is full of color, both soft and strong.

How To: To get this look, don’t put away your shorts! Or, go find some winter-inspired shorts, such as those at NASTY GAL and Brandy Melville! Like our Fashionista said, if you wear these summer-inspired styles in winter, you must add a piece from the current season! Pair one of Free People's amazing sweaters with your shorts. My favorite for this look is the simple and warm Striped In Crochet Pullover. Also, check out ModCloth to get a funky pair of tights and Frye for a huge collection of boots! With that, you have an outfit for the seasons!

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