In between classes, I was lucky enough to run into a Fashionista that portrays so many of my favorite, groundbreaking fashion beliefs. First, this triple-major student, June, experimented with layering scarves. This is one of my personal favorite things to do to mix up an outfit a bit, especially on a chilly day! Second, June kept most of her look simple, which is a great way to play things safe in the fashion world. Lastly, sporting somewhat of a biker look, she mixed black and brown! Too many Fashionistas are afraid to mix these two hues, when the truth is, they are both neutrals. After seeing all of my favorite trend on one person, I knew I had to know more about her style.

Name: June Park

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science, Math, and Economics

College Fashionista: What does fashion mean to you?

June Park: Fashion means how I start my day, just like having a breakfast coffee. What I wear for the day reflects how I was feeling that morning and how busy or slow it was; which truly expresses my daily life. Wearing an appropriate outfit requires me to look online for the temperature, open the curtains to look outside, and glimpse at my agenda; and this gets me excited for the day.

CF: Describe your style.

JP: I pursue simplicity and convenience in fashion while I also try to display my interests in fashion. I tend to wear dark colors and simple designs with no pattern, but today I tried to spice things up by doubling my scarves to give some more color to my look. In fall and winter, wearing equestrian boots is a joy of mine because they go well with any outfit!

CF: Who is your favorite fashion icon?

JP: Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller. They are easy to follow!

How To: In order to get a look like June’s, one must not be afraid of breaking the so called “normal” fashion rules. First, you’ll need a couple of basic items in neutral tones like this leather jacket, black hoodie, gray tee and a basic pair of skinny jeans. Next you need a nice pair of riding boots; don’t forget to get them in brown to go with the black leather jacket! Now for the fun part: Find one basic, neutral scarf, and one that will pop, and wear them together as one. Try this basic black vintage-style scarf with this brilliant blue wrap-style. If you’re not sure exactly which scarves to layer together, try a style that is premade to look like two scarves in one like this vertical stripe scarf or this color-blocked scarf. Whichever you decide, don’t be afraid to layer scarves and also to mix black and brown!

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