This Fashionista had an aura that channeled those giddy, first day of class vibes. Her outfit deserves an official winter wear stamp of approval. I was drawn to the way she showcased her seasonal sweater by contrasting it with a sleek leather boot and hip hugging mini skirt. Though the stringent winter weather is officially in full swing, she is still able to dress warm and comfortable while revamping that frumpy Christmas sweater. She does so by choosing a sweater that is form fitting with an updated pattern. By pairing it with a simple black color scheme from her waist down she allows this sweater to be the star piece of her ensemble. I adore the fact that she chose a patterned tight to juxtapose her busy sweater. This outfit proves that winter wear does not have to be confined to turtle necks and leg warmers.

Name: Justine Maeda

Major: Communication Disorders

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Coming from the small town of Ontario, Oregon, how has your style shifted since living in Eugene, Oregon?

Justine Maeda: It has shifted dramatically. Ontario isn’t exactly concerned with the latest trends. The biggest factor in my fashion transition from one place to another is my confidence. The liberalism of Eugene motivates me to dress more sophisticated, grown up and bold.

CF: What are your winter must have pieces?

JM: I am currently crazed about patterned tights, oversized sweaters and knitted head scarves.

CF: What types of pieces are you wanting to incorporate more of in your winter wardrobe?

JM: I am hoping to mix in boot socks, leg warmers and dare to wear belts with dresses despite the weather. 

CF: What is your advice on staying warm while remaining savvy during these winter months?

JM: Don’t hesitate to wear summer pieces simply because of the daunting weather, it’s all about layering. Also, tights can add great flavor to an outfit, incorporate patterned or colored ones to mix up any outfit.

How To: To duplicate this look don’t shy away from scavenging second hand stores to find a bona fide deal on cozy sweaters. Modernize that vintage sweater with a chic mini skirt, corky tights and staple leather boots.


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