While overindulging in the sun, I spotted this bohemian chic Fashionista. Her outfit pinpoints the exact Eugene flavor I had been looking for to showcase. She is put together yet edgy, and manages to combine these elements at a perfect ratio. Her dress is quirky, which is why I adore it so much. It stitches together varying patterns and juxtaposing lines. The dress’s distinct floral designs is what sets it apart from your average spring dress. By incorporating a belt she accentuates her waist line. I love how the simple incorporation of a belt can play such an integral role in an outfit, as it does in this one. The straps in her sandals playfully meld together with the lines present on her dress. She finishes off her look with funky sunglasses that come in a unique tint and a trinket-like necklace.

Name: Kaeli Plaks

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What is it about spring fashion that excites you most?

Kaeli Plaks: I would have to say dresses, high-waisted skirts as well as high-waisted jean shorts.

CF: How would you describe spring fashion in Eugene?

KP: With spring weather everyone comes out to express themselves. There are fantastic spring colors, sandals and accessories.

CF: When and what was your most drastic fashion shift?

KP: I would have to say this year. I have recently realized just how much you can alter clothes from thrift stores. My roommates have really influenced me style wise. Their colorful energy inspires me to dress how I feel.

How To: To emulate a look like Kaeli’s, don’t just settle for your run of the mill spring dress. Attempt to find a dress that makes a statement, possibly one that is out of your element. Pair this dress with a thick black belt that can present a waistline. To put on a spin on her belt, you could choose one that’s leather, braided and in a brown tone. For footwear, find sandals that show some skin. Kaeli aligns the lining in her dress with the straps in her sandals. Go for a sandal that will complement the dress nicely. Lastly, conclude the look with large-framed sunglasses and a quaint necklace that dangles at a longer length.

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