This week’s Fashionista strings summer along all year round with bright colors and whimsical accessories. Whether she’s trimmed in tribal print or flowing floral, this Fashionista is drawn to '70s-inspired styles and bohemian pieces with a contemporary punch.

Dressed in her go-to cowboy boots and cowl neck sweater, this week’s Fashionista finds a way to put a summertime spin on winter staples. Her multi-colored scarf and vintage bracelets provide her neutral palette with color and character: two things this Fashionista is never short on.

To find out what inspires this Fashionista’s funky wardrobe, CollegeFashionista talks to her about her personal style and why it’s unique:

Name: Kaitlin Fitzgerald

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite season to dress for and why?

Kaitling Fitzgerald: Summer. I love bright colors and flowy linen pieces, beach hats, dresses, things like that.

CF: What is your favorite trend past or present?

KF: It’s hard to say. Bellbottom jeans, probably. They’ve gone in and out but I’ll stick with them forever.

CF: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five pieces, what would they be?

KF: My white linen pants, a vintage floral scarf I have, my cowboy boots, my floppy hat, and a pair of Levis flare jeans that I love.

CF: Where do you usually find your style inspiration?

KF: I like to go to thrift stores. I follow a lot of blogs. I like Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth’s style a lot. Bridget Bardot is also someone whose style I really like. I’m just inspired by the 70’s bohemian era in general.

CF: How would you describe your style?

KF: Modern bohemian, probably. A lot of flowy and floral lightweight pieces mixed with a more modern edge; skinny jeans and dessert boot wedges type pieces.

CF: Do you have any fashion advice for college students in search of their own personal style?

KF: Don’t try to conform to all the trends. They don’t work for everyone. Just stay true to what you like and you’ll develop your own sense of style that you truly resonate with, and others will appreciate your individuality.

How To: Get this Fashionista's look by pairing tribal-inspired accents with a neutral knit.


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