As I daydreamed away in my pop culture history class, I thought about how everything from magazines to movies has stopped using the term “girl next door” in the last few years. Not that I miss it! But I think everyone should outgrow this style by the time you're out of middle school, and yet I was puzzled as to why this happened. The “girl next door” was always celebrated as the type of girl every guy wanted to date. But hey, maybe that girl moved to a big city, opened a copy of Vogue and never looked back. I mean, do you really think a 20-year-old should be wearing a T-shirt that says, “Everything is bigger in Texas?” I think not. And even though we are all college students, we UCI Anteaters still live in a suburb, not a big-shot city. The girl next door style has prevailed, but it underwent evolution. She's still keeping things simple but is inclined towards something more classic and feminine. This week’s Fashionista embodies this idea completely.

Name: Karla Mae de Guzman

Major: History and Film and Media Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What winter trends are you done wearing?

Karla Mae de Guzman: I'm slowly phasing out my bulky knit scarves, which can be a little suffocating during these sunny days.

CF: Do you like sunny winter days? How do they affect your style?

KMG: I'm not much of a fan of sunny winter days, actually. In my hometown, our seasons don't fluctuate all that often, so I don't have to constantly switch out my warm and cold clothes throughout the week. If anything, I wear sweaters more often because it allows me to deal with the temperature changes throughout the day.

CF: What spring trends are you most looking forward to?

KMG: I'm looking forward to flowy fabrics and splashes of color. It'll be a nice change from the darker tones of winter clothes.

CF: Who's your favorite fashion icon?

KMG: I'm a big fan of Alexa Chung. She wonderfully mixes femininity with a boyish touch for her style. Anna Karina, an actress of the French New Wave, is also another person whose style I greatly admire. She had this effortless chic look.

How To: This style is simple and you should keep the equation of jeans, a T-shirt and Converse in mind. Of course, we’re keeping things chic, so a slight alteration is needed. Jeggings are the new jeans. Critics are split between if they work of not, but trust me, once you go with them you’ll never buy a pair of jeans again. Since it’s still mildly chilly outside during the early and late hours of the day, opt for a comfy pullover with monotone colors. And since we’re going for a 21st century young adult version of Audrey Hepburn, go for the classic black ballerina flats.

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