FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Katherina Kutter-Heinrich

New York City’s summer attracts all kinds of people. Tourists come and go for Restaurant Week, Broadway shows and summer concerts, while the people that live here full-time try to avoid these events at all costs. Tourists stroll down 34th Street and linger around the Empire State Building, while full-timers shove their way past these visitors on their morning commutes. Then there are interns — not touring, not sticking around much longer. We’re here all the time, but we did just get here, and we are leaving in a month. A New York intern, especially in fashion, is in a class all her own. We’re easy to notice on the street. This is not because we carry a camera, wear practical shoes and move at a glacial pace. It’s not because we carry nothing but an iPhone and a Metrocard and seem to sense exactly when the walk signals will allow us to cross the street. We stick out because, frankly, we dress the part — also, we’re the girls wearing heels, carrying a notepad and strutting down the sidewalk clutching two iced coffees, a large hot cappuccino and an assortment of tiny French cookies.

Every weekday morning I spot fashion interns heading to work, carrying pumps in their bags and (wisely) sporting TOMS on their hikes uptown. The lovely ladies I work with at the DvF Footwear showroom fit the description perfectly, and it’s always a pleasure to see the way they add a professional twist to their own personal style each day.

This week’s Fashionista catches my eye with fun, youthful, but always polished looks. She has been working in the big city for about two months, just after her freshman year (and I thought I was getting ahead of the curve…). Katherina is sweet but bold, adorable but fearless (and always stylish) so who better to feature this week?

Name: Katherina

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undeclared

CollegeFashionista: So how are you liking working in footwear? (Katherina works in the Juicy Couture showroom next to mine.)

Katherina Kutter-Heinrich: Well before I never really spent money or had given so much thought to shoes, but now that I work here I notice it much more. I pay attention to them now, and it interests me more.

CF: Plus, taking home all those sample shoes doesn’t hurt I’m sure!

KKH: Yes, definitely!

CF: What do you like most about the internship, and what direction do you think you’ll head next?

KKH: I am leaning toward sales. I like working with clients and getting to see everything when it comes into the showroom. I also like to see the customers reactions to the new collections.

CF: And lastly, how do you advise our readers and fellow fashion interns to dress for the job?

KKH: Well Schwartz & Benjaminn ( (the company we work within) has a pretty laid back dress code. Although it’s important to always look put together. I wear lots of dresses and wedges because I can wear them all day without killing my feet! Also, always bring a cardigan. It gets so cold with the air conditioner on all day!

How To: Dressing for work is easiest for me when I think of it as a variation of my own style. Simply put, just class it up a bit. Great materials go a long way and are definitely something to invest in. Zara is my go-to shop for work staples like dress pants and sheath dresses. Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to snag some DvF samples for shoes to rock at work, but a great wedge like Katherina’s is still on my list. The final necessity for a working girl’s wardrobe is a wear-with-everything watch with some personality. As always, dress to impress, Fashionistas.

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