Lollapalooza was not the only thing tearing up the streets of the Chi this weekend; just look at this Fashionista spotted enroute to the music festival. Sporting a vintage bohemian look that rocked the streets, Katherine emphasized hipster glam. The proportions of her high-waisted, '70s-inspired shorts, loosely-fit blouse and fringe vest fall at the most flattering places on her tall and slender figure. The look is East Coast meets West Coast, hints of the Olsen twins and a Rachel Zoe echo from the Fashionista’s quilted vintage tote and oversized Roberto Cavalli shades.

Mixing the patterns of her quilted floral bag and mod beige/black woven leather was intriguing to the eye and enhanced the outfit’s originality. Katherine demonstrated the resourcefulness of both items when she bounced around in her loafers, deeming them the perfect dance shoes for comfort and protection of her feet. Next, she opened her seemingly small bag in a Mary Poppins-like manner to reveal bottles of water and snacks in preparation for the overheated, overcrowded concert. This Fashionista clearly understands the two important fashion principles of authenticity and practicality.

Name: Katherine Ann Wagner

Year: Senior

Major: Communications

CollegeFashionista: Do you dress for the look or occasion?

Katherine Anne Brown: I always wear what I want and then modify my outfit for where I am going. Like today: these shorts and shirt are classic, but my accessories are comfortable and useful for what I am doing today. I always wear a big bag so I can throw whatever I need in there, just in case – even a change of clothes.

CF: Which accessory is your favorite? Shoes, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses?

KAW: Shoes are my absolute favorite. I have so many pairs; I don’t know what to do with them. The only time I should choose handbags over shoes is in the winter, when the snow destroys most of my suede pumps.

CF: What's your most beloved pair of shoes?

KAW: My favorite pair of shoes is my Missoni flats I purchased on a trip to Italy last year. They are semi-neutral and beautiful. I don’t follow fashion rules when I wear them because I will mix them with literally any pattern or color for a different look.

CF: Where do you find your vintage?

KAW: I look all over the Internet and have found a few stores off of Belmont. I recently found a store called Millionaire’s Rejects consignment store, and it is absolutely amazing. I found this bag there for a very reasonable price along with my turquoise and coral bangle and green-chained necklace.

How to: Achieve this Fashionista’s style by combining your grandmother’s quilted or vintage bag with woven loafers in a fun color or pattern. Katherine’s shoes can be found at Urban Outfitters and come in a variety of colors including summer white and saddle brown. Complete the look by pairing a chiffon blouse with tailored shorts. Keep the outfit simple with unique accessories that subtly clash for an impactful fashion statement.

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